Our Philosophy

Wolfpack Games was started by Craig and Alissa (husband and wife) with the aim of getting kids off their screens while at the same time providing entertainment that was both educational and fun.

With that in mind, we began to look for games which were beneficial for both children and families.

All of the games at Wolfpack Games are made from sustainable wood and lead-free paint, and all packaging is minimal in order to reduce its carbon footprint.

Wolfpack Games and puzzles help kids not just solve problems and build patience, but to think laterally – or “outside the box”.

Our range of games aim to teach children to look for solutions from different angles, and not just ask you, the parents (or worse Google Home), for the answer!

Our range of games and puzzles focus on improving Spatial awareness, Strategy and Planning, Creativity and Lateral Thinking.
Ethically sourced, all games are made of sustainable wood and any paint used is lead free – because we wouldn’t want you to buy something for your children which we wouldn’t give our own!