About Wolfpack Games

About Us

Started by Alissa and Craig Woolf, after they realised that there was a lack of educational and ethical games and puzzles for their three children (then aged 4,9 and 11) to play with.

More frustrating was that most of the products were made from plastic or if they were wooden, came from China and weren't ethically sourced or made from wood from sustainable forestry.

With this in mind, they sourced a range of sustainably-made wooden games and strategic puzzles, that they could play together as a family and that would both entertain and develop the minds of their three beautiful, challenging, highly intelligent, super competitive children. 

There was an added incentive  - the games help keep them off the bloody screens.

We are a national brand

Today Wolfpack Games is a national brand with over 80 stockist across the country. You can find out if your local store is one of ours HERE. (If they aren't, please recommend us). 


Educational Benefits while having fun

Our range of games and puzzles focus on improving Spatial awareness, Strategy and Planning, Creativity and Lateral Thinking.

Our games aid all ages in various ways, from Dexterity in young children (ages 2-8 mainly), to building strong family ties and good family values through shared experience (like solving hard challenges or playing together), through to helping delay the onset of Dementia by keeping minds active for our senior citizens.


Our Quality Promise

All games are made from sustainable wood and lead-free paint, and all packaging is minimal in order to reduce its carbon foot print.

Today, all our games are tried and tested by Jake (14), Max (12) and Elly (7) in order to ensure that they are of the highest quality and still fun.


Our Vision




In a time when many parents are seeking family-friendly activities, away from screens, for their children - Wolfpack Games has a range of products we are proud to offer.

With over 80 stockists joining us in just our first two years, we see this as a ringing endorsement of our vision:

We provide ethically sourced, high-quality games and puzzles aimed at increasing cognitive thinking in all ages, developing strategic and spatial awareness and increasing problem-solving while being fun and are engaging.

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