Guide to Choosing

Guide to Choosing

Here you will be guided through the process of choosing the right gift for the right occasion

Before you start, picture the person you are buying for, now, with them in mind:

  1. Consider their age: Are they Young or Old (Junior or Senior)

  2. Are they part of a family and want to all play together (Multi Player) or will they play on their own (Solitaire/Single Player)?

  3. Do they like difficult puzzles or just something that will look nice on the coffee table? Difficulty Levels go from Beginner (Level 1), 

  4. Perhaps they prefer games they can play against a friend or family member?

  5. Once you have all these in mind, and you know how much you want to spend, then you can find the right gift. 




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Spatial Awareness

Spatial Awareness

Lateral Thinking

Crazy XProblem Solving

Problem Solving

We know games

But more importantly, we know the best games for you.

We have scoured the world to find a range that is unique and challenging, fun and educational.