Colour Match

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This game seems easy but it is more challenging than you realise! Match the colours and win. Test your strategy and speed at the same time. While it is rated Level 4 (Unbelievable), it is actually also great for young children as the concept is simple enough to explain (though not to solve).

  • Suitable for 1 player
  • Age 6 and up

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Weight 108 g
Dimensions 110 × 85 × 30 mm
Difficulty Level

Level 4 – Unbelievable

Age Range

10 plus, 14 plus, 3-5 Years, 6 Plus, 8 Plus

Number of Player(s)

Single Player

Educational Benefit


Developmental Benefits

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Mastermind meets Dominoes as a game for one player! This puzzle contains 8 wooden tiles, each marked with the same four colour dots, each set in a different order.

Remove the tiles and then place them back in the frame so the two dots on the side match the ones on the adjacent tile. i.e any touching dots will be identical, including the middle 4 dots.


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