Conway Packing Problem

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This game will have you questioning yourself and the manufacturers throughout. Can you add an extra piece to this already full puzzle and still make it fit? You Can!

  • Suitable for 1 player
  • Age 8 and up

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Additional information

Weight 349 g
Dimensions 65 × 115 × 45 mm
Difficulty Level

Level 4 – Unbelievable

Age Range

6 Plus

Number of Player(s)

Single Player

Educational Benefit

Lateral Thinking

Developmental Benefts


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Slide the lid off, remove the top piece from the lid, remove all 8 pieces from the already full box and then try to fit them all back again WITH the 9th piece (the one on the lid) as well. Yes, it is possible. CON may be in the name but this is PRO level.


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