Don’t Break the Bottle (Wine)

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Wolfpack’s best seller! This is the perfect game for any dinner party because freeing the bottle of wine will keep you busy for hours. You might want a spare bottle of wine to drink while you play this game.

  • Suitable for one player
  • Adult only

* Wine not included

** We don’t condone excessive drinking, in fact, we even lock up the bottle…

Games are for kids, and big kids can enjoy this challenge – but don’t let it send you to drink. Can you solve the puzzle & get the bottle out without scissors or a hammer or our How To videos.

(Though if you need help to set up the puzzle visit our ‘How To‘ page.)

JUST ADD WINE. (If you need it to arrive fully set up)

Do add wine

How to Set Up

Need to send it fully set up?

We use various red wines* but it won't really matter, they will be well aged by the time they solve this one.

Note: Wine can not be bought separately from us. You can set up the puzzle yourself, check out the How To videos.

* Wine shown here is just an indication.

Additional information

Weight 455 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 160 mm
Difficulty Level

Age Range

Number of Player(s)

Educational Benefit

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Developmental Benefits

, , ,

SKU Number

To add wine select the product 'Do add wine' for $20 extra plus shipping. We use various wines* but it won't really matter, the wine will be nicely aged by the time they solve this one.

Note: The Wine can not be bought separately from us. Shipping will be extra as the weight is much greater.

* Wine shown is just an indication. White wines should be refrigerated, this puzzle should be on the table, hence usually comes with a nice drop of red...though you'll never know if you can't solve this one!

If drinking is a problem for you a/ check out Alcoholics Anonymous b/ keep your wine locked away (we have the perfect answer...)

1 review for Don’t Break the Bottle (Wine)

  1. liz whybrew (verified owner)

    Really nice product, i just have to put it together & hold the wine hostage, giving as a gift

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