Double Tangram

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Race your friend to make the shape before them. There are 64 shapes and when you have mastered them all can try the harder version!

  • Suitable for 1 or 2 players
  • Easy Challenges Age 3 to 6
  • Hard Challenges for 10 and up
  • Sustainable Wood (Monkey Pod and Rubber Wood)
  • Level 4 (Unbelievable)

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Tangram's are ancient and well known. There are thousands of shapes that can be made. We have chosen 64 of our favourites. Then we have added a second set of pieces so you can race a friend. Too young for these? Turn the cards over and try the answer side!

Looking for a gift for a slightly different audience? Check out Chicken and Egg Tangram - for the bird watchers or younger children or Heart Tangram - a sweet gift to grandpa from the grandkids or a romantic gesture to a loved one?

This video shows you how to play Tangrams

Ancient and difficult, these are hard to solve (though with the answers on the back), great for young kids also, as they can try the ‘solution’ side). Watch Max and Elly (our superstars Wolfcubs) race each other after explaining the game.

There are three different options: Choose from Chicken and Egg (54 different chickens to make), Heart, (with 42 different shapes from 2 Heart shape sets of wood) or the traditonal Double Tangram (with 64 challenges, this one is for the adults or older kids)

Play on your own, solving the challenges or race a friend!

Our Tangrams all come with 2 sets of woods and plenty of challenges to try.

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