Round Solitaire/ Foxes & Sheep

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Play solitaire or try Foxes and Sheep a unique 2 player game!

Helps in 3 areas: Patience;Goal Setting; and Perseverance and Prioritizing

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Solitaire/Foxes & Sheep

Solitaire Instructions (Single Player Puzzle)

Start by removing the middle peg. Then you move by jumping a peg over an adjacent peg, horizontally or vertically only. The peg jumped over is then removed. Repeat this process until only one peg is left in the centre of the board.

Helps Patience and Perseverance and Prioritizing

Foxes & Sheep Instructions (2 Player Game)

Light balls are foxes & dark balls are sheep; decide who will be what, sheep go first; taking turns, foxes aim to remove 12 sheep from the board to win, while sheep try to fill the 9 spots on the board that the foxes are guarding; there are rules for how each can move, which makes this game very challenging

Helps Goal Setting

Additional information

Weight646 g
Dimensions260 × 260 × 15 mm
Number of Player(s)

2 Players, Single Player

Age Range

6 Plus

Difficulty Level

Level 4 – Unbelievable

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1 review for Round Solitaire/ Foxes & Sheep

  1. Craig Woolf

    I love that you can play this one on my own or play a completely different 2 player game called Foxes & Sheep (also known as Foxes and Geese).

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