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Two games in One. If you are flying solo then this is a game of solitaire. If you have an opponent you can play Foxes & Sheep – your goal: get the sheep to safety before the foxes get to them!

  • Suitable for 2 players
  • Age 6 and up

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Weight 646 g
Dimensions 260 × 260 × 15 mm
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Level 4 – Unbelievable

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10 plus, 14 plus, 6 Plus, 8 Plus, Adult, Seniors

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2 Players, Single Player

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Solitaire is a game that is traditionally played on a wooden board that has a pattern of holes drilled, each of which contain a wooden peg.  At the beginning of the game the peg in the center of the board is to be removed (#44)

The rules of the game are very simple: you make moves by jumping a peg over an adjacent peg, much like in checkers, except that the moves must be horizontal or vertical only.  The peg jumped over is removed.  The aim of the game is to remove all the pegs until only one peg is left in the center of the board (#44).

BENEFITS: Patience, Perseverance and Prioritizing

Foxes & Sheep Instructions (2 Player Game)

SET UP: Place 20 balls of one colour in the top ‘half’ of the board – these are the Sheep.

Positions: 31,41,51,32,42,52,13,23,33,43,53,63,73,14,24,34,44,54,64,74

Place 2 balls of the other colour in positions 37 and 57. These are the Foxes. Decide who will be the Sheep (20 balls, very defensive) and who will be Foxes (2 balls, Very Aggressive). Sheep go first; taking turns.

AIM: Foxes aim is to remove 12 sheep from the board to win, while Sheep try to fill the 9 spots on the board that the foxes are guarding; 35,45,55,36,46,56,37,47,57.

MOVING: There are DIFFERENT rules for how each can move, which makes this game very challenging.

Sheep can ONLY move 1 Space FORWARD or SIDEWAYS (Never Backward or Diagonal – and they DO NOT Jump.) Get 9 Sheep into the Pen to win.

Foxes can move 1 Space in ANY DIRECTION (Forward, Backward or Diagonal) AND Foxes can jump over a single sheep and remove it from the board. Remove 12 to win.

Sheep are safe ONLY if a Fox can’t jump over them – even in the pen.

BENEFITS: Goal Setting, Strategy, Planning and Social Communication

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  1. Craig Woolf

    I love that you can play this one on my own or play a completely different 2 player game called Foxes & Sheep (also known as Foxes and Geese).

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