Parents giving wooden puzzles to kids

by | Jun 25, 2018

More and more, parents are giving wooden puzzles to their kids… (here’s why)

The global digital gaming industry is booming and growing bigger.

Outside the booming frenetic noisey digital gaming industry, a movement is quietly stirring.

There is a growing push by many parents making sure their kids spend less time on mobile devices, consoles and TV.

I know what you’re thinking…

…we’re sharing this with you because we sell wooden puzzles and brain teasers.

You’re right.

Kids spending less time on mobile devices is the number one mission of Wolfpack Games.

You can read more about why we started right here.

But it’s not just our opinion

Take a look at this quote about the retail trend for toys and games in 2018.

This year we’re seeing a bit of a push back against screen time… we’re seeing a real trend towards crafting toys and board games.David Hendy, director of the Australian Toy Association

And it’s not only the major retail stores experiencing this trend

Smaller stores experienced the same trend during the lead up to Christmas 2017 and beyond.

It’s a good change away from technology. A lot of people are still looking for that, but our sales have been predominantly lego, board games and puzzles…

says Michelle Symes, owner of local toy store Toytopia and adds…

…wooden toys have also been in demand with a lot of hand eye coordination and educational value toys are back in fashion.

Ok, you need more proof


Yep, that’s right, Pinterest. One of the biggest crafty, wooden toy sites parents visit.

Pinterest’s 2018 Top 100 Trends shows the number of Pinterest saves for ‘wooden toy’ increased by 173%.

When you consider the millions (..and more millions) of parents visiting Pinterest, that 173% represents a big number.

Pinterest trend for toys is clearly becoming more crafty and natural.

The psychological reasons why parents are reducing kids screen time (and you should too)

There is so much study information available about how kids can become overstimulated from time spent on screens.

Overstimulation in kids includes heightened irritability, lack of focus, disorganised, low tolerance, easily frustrated, problem behaviour and more.

Here at Wolfpack Games we don’t claim to be psychologists.

So here’s a great article and quiz from Child psychiatrist Victoria L. Dunckley, M.D. an expert on the effects of screen-time on the developing nervous system.

In fact the adverse effects of screen time has got so bad, Victoria has a new psychology term for it:  Electronic Screen Syndrome (ESS).

Learn more about overstimulation in kids from too much screen time and go here for the  Quiz: Is your child experiencing side effects from using electronic devices?

What’s the big deal with wooden puzzles?

In two words: brain development.

Parents want their kids to be confident, creative, kind, focused and have positive social skills and behaviour. This is all part of a kids brain development.

The bad news.

None of that’s going to happen for a kid who spends hours on a screen.

The good news.

The right wooden games and teaser puzzles help kids improve their focus, patience and creativity by getting them to reach the solution using outside-of-the-box thinking.

Wooden puzzles, brainteasers and games are challenging and fun plus stimulate skills and mental benefits such as:

  • Cognitive skills
  • problem solving
  • fine motor development
  • hand-eye coordination

The educational benefits are immense.

And in workshops, wooden puzzles, brainteasers and games help kids improve their social skills and self esteem.


Our grandparents and great-grandparents had it right all along.

Wooden puzzles, brainteasers and games, simple as they are, play an integral role in our kids development that’s just not possible with screen time.

So take a trip down memory lane as you choose from our wide range of wooden puzzles and games. Round up your kids and use that old timers saying…

“In my day we never had mobile devices, we played games such as.…”

Trust us, they’ll want to play the games again and again.

Wolfpack Games products are challenging in a fun way and help kids improve their focus, patience and creativity plus stimulate skills and mental benefits such as: cognitive skills, problem solving, lateral thinking, spatial awareness, fine motor development and hand-eye coordination.



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