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Do you consider yourself a dab hand when it comes to noughts and crosses? Then this is for you. It takes the classic Noughts and Crosses (tic-tac-toe) and makes it far more complicated.

  • Suitable for 2 players,
  • Age 6 and up

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This is a brilliant twist on an old favourite, 3D X-O (3 Dimensional Noughts and Crosses) challenges even the smartest of us.

How to play: First choose who will be X or O. The player with 14 pieces goes first and puts one piece on any rod. Players take turns, trying to create a line of 3 Xs or Os. The winner is the 1st player who manages to place 3 of their playing pieces in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line.

Alternatively: With younger children, they may 'struggle' with the 3D concept and keep trying to play like a flat old 2Dimensional version. Overcome this by suggesting they play until the game board is full and all 27 pieces have been placed - the player with the most lines of 3 wins.

2 reviews for 3D X-O

  1. Daniel O

    This is a fantastic game. My 6 year old got sick of 2D O-X so this was the perfect next step! Great quality product too.

  2. Shivani Bibhuti

    I have always been a fan of tic-tac-toe! Never-ever imagined that it could get even better. Playing this game in 3-D is a whole new feeling. This game was equal parts fun and nostalgic! I am in LOVE with 3D X-O. Would highly recommend it!

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