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An original game for 2-4 players

Players try to gain as many points as possible according to the tiles and on the dice on a board.

This game combines a little math , strategy , planning and a bit of luck.

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Beautiful game for 2-4 players

Roll 2 of the die and place them on your board so they help add up to the tile in that row or column.

Don’t like your dice roll, sell it back to the middle or to an opponent. You have 2 coins so choose wisely when to buy or sell.


The person with the most points wins. Scores are calculated by adding up rows or columns to equal the tiles.

Additional information

Weight800 g
Dimensions400 × 400 × 120 mm
Age Range

8 Plus

Number of Player(s)

2-4 Players, Multi-Player


Wooden Game

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