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Find a gift or activity that’s suitable for a friend, child or family member.

The difficulty levels of our wooden puzzles and games include Simple, Beginner, Dilemma, Unbelievable and Genius to challenge all age groups and levels of ability.

Level 1 & 2 (Simple & Beginners) – children under 7 years old.

Level 3 (Dilemma) – for those who want something a little harder. Minimum age 6+, will challenge smarter children and adults.

Level 4 (Unbelievable) – will keep even the smartest challenged. Many of these have multiple challenges making the puzzle progressively harder.

Level 5 (Genius) – for those who want to stretch their thinking & improve their minds (or simply like a challenge!).

What level will you achieve? As we say,  Challenge Yourself…

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