World’s Meanest puzzle.
This one is for adults only

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Learning And Education

Many of our games and puzzles help improve various skills from Spatial to Strategy, Lateral Thinking and Creativity. Not only are they engaging, they look great.

Fun and Family

Want to play fun, mentally challenging games together with your family and friends? Our range suit various ages and difficulty levels.

A gift for all occasions

Struggling to know what special gift to buy? Our games and puzzles make beautiful gifts for family and friends of all ages. Suitable for families or individuals, geniuses or beginners.

We’ve got it all.

Wooden Puzzle, Game & Toy Categories


Enjoy wooden puzzles and games with friends and family


Shop products by age group, from toddlers & pre-school kids to teens, adults & seniors


Our games & puzzles help kids & adults develop mental agility & learning abilities


Improve patience, fine motor skills & more with our products.


You’ll find a broad range of beautifully designed  gifts in our wooden puzzles & games collection

Hello from the Woolf family!

Our story is pretty simple: we love puzzles and games! And our love of solving the world’s most difficult puzzles led us to launch our wooden puzzle, game and toy business.

We have scoured the globe to find some of the trickiest, hardest and funniest wooden puzzles and games. Our biggest fans come to us because they want to have fun with their kids, stimulate an overactive mind or simply drive their friends crazy!


100% Safe

All of our products are made from sustainable wood and lead-free paint

Which wooden puzzle or game should I buy?

Our Pack Leaders get this question all the time! Whether you’re buying for a gifted or special needs child, an older family member or a friend, we can recommend two or three different options for you.

Narrow down your options with our buying guide or get in touch to ask a question.

Why Choose Wolfpack Games?


Australian Owned
A family business with a great big heart.

The best games & puzzles
We’re always hunting down the world’s best puzzles.


Sustainably sourced
Pick up eco-friendly toys and puzzles for your family.

Screen-free toys
Entertain the kids without the iPad or smartphone.


Stimulating play
Our products are ideal for kids who love a challenge.


Great for special needs
Wooden puzzles can be helpful tools to have at home.


Hours of fun
These unique wooden gifts can be enjoyed for many years.

The ultimate challenge
See how quickly you can solve the world’s hardest puzzles.

Unique wooden gifts
Wolfpack puzzles will delight your friends (or drive them crazy!)

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Understanding Dementia

Understanding Dementia

There are many forms of Dementia with the most common being Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, dementia with Lewy bodies,  Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration (FTD), Huntington’s disease, Alcohol-related dementia and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. 

Craig’s Corner – About Us

Craig’s Corner – About Us

Welcome to Craig’s Corner where we catch up with Craig Woolf, Wolfpack’s founder, to get to know him a bit better and also find out what game he is...

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