Autism Spectrum

It’s a very broad spectrum so we have built a broad range to meet all needs. 

Educational puzzles & games have been found to improve gross motor skills and positive emotions for kids & adults on the (Autism) Spectrum.

Our durable, tactile wooden puzzles can also help with focus and attention, while our wooden games can be a way to encourage social interaction.

Highly intelligent also (i.e Gifted)? Check out our range of games for Twice Exceptional children.

Want to learn more about the impact of screens? Check out this article by Victoria L. Dunckley M.D. titled: Autism and Screen Time: Special Brains, Special Risks

Depending on your classification and funding, many of our games can be claimed under the revised NDIS schemes.

Want to learn more about the issues visit Kids on the Spectrum 

Shop our range of puzzles & games that are suitable for ASD. 

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