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This pentomino wooden puzzle is a great way to keep kids of all ages busy – and adults will love it too. Solving the 56 challenges from the 12 pieces will test patience, spatial awareness and develop problem solving skills but the pentominoes can be played as a game or creatively as a set of building blocks. It can be combined with other wooden block sets for super architectural challenges.

  • Suitable for 1 or 2-4 players
  • Age 4 and up
  • Sustainable Wood (Monkey Pod and Rubber Wood)
  • Level 4 (Unbelievable)

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Weight 380 g
Dimensions 220 × 150 × 40 mm
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Pentominoes are shapes that use five square blocks joined edge to edge to form different combinations.

Each pentomino piece has a single-letter name that, to one degree or another, evokes the shape of that piece

There are twelve possible shapes in a set of unique pentominoes, use these to make the challenges on the cards. We have selected 56 different challenges including the English Alphabet, 14 various animals, 2D (Two Dimensional) shapes & 3D (Three Dimensional) shapes.

Pentominoes can be played as an exciting game of skill. Played by 2 or 3 players, the object of the game is to be the last player to legally place a pentomino piece either on an 8x8 board or back in the box.Players take turns choosing a piece & placing it. The pieces must not overlap or extend beyond the boundary of the board, but they do not have to be adjacent. The game can last as little as five moves (On a board) & at most twelve moves. With more opening moves than chess, can you win in just five?

BENEFITS: Goal Setting, Strategy, Planning and Social Communication

We also offer GO which is where Pentominoes first originated.


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