Black Sheep

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Are you the black sheep of the family? Try to get rid of all the white sheep until it is just the black sheep left!

  • Suitable for 1 player
  • Age 6 and up

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Weight 712 g
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 30 mm
Difficulty Level

Level 4 – Unbelievable

Age Range

6 Plus

Number of Player(s)

Single Player

Educational Benefit

Autism Spectrum, Lateral Thinking, Strategy & Planning

Developmental Benefts

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With 47 challenges ranging from Beginners (Level 1) to Genius (level 5), this highly enjoyable gift will keep your mind active and engaged.

AIM Try to get rid of all the white balls from the solid timber board and leave just the black sheep.

SET-UP Choosing one of the challenges, only use the number of white balls indicated and the single black ball. Place them where shown.

MOVING Black OR White may jump over an adjacent white ball and remove it. Keep going until only the black remains. After each jump, you may remove the white jumped over, then use the same white or any other white, or the black ball and jump again.

NOTE You can’t jump over the black ball. You can’t move along a line, only jump over a ball into an empty spot.


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