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by | Apr 2, 2020

We came across this article in The Age written by Wendy Tuohy & found it to be spot on with the present scenario! Have a look at what she has to say.

It’s Netflix & crafts as home-bound Melbournians turn back the clock

“When Dale Fincke found the vintage board game ‘Home You Go’ for a dollar in a local op shop late last year, he could have had no idea its name would take on such significance.

Just a few months later he and his wife and two children are, like millions, stuck there. And like thousands of other families they are part of a renaissance in nostalgic pastimes sweeping the suburbs of Melbourne.

The Fincke family have been baking, crafting and playing plenty of boardgames like many who returned to simple hobbies while at home.CREDIT:DANIEL POCKETT

Old timey hobbies including handicrafts, baking, board games, puzzles, art and even slide nights are taking off as people seek the comfort of calm activities during the COVID-19 crisis.

Virus isolation is – according to Lincraft’s managing director, John Maguire – ironically getting families back around the same table.

“There’s been an incredible spike in [sales of] adult craft materials: knitting has boomed, fabrics of all type particularly for quilts like your grandmother used to make, and painting,” said Mr Maguire.

“Art sales this week quadrupled, fabric sales doubled, knitting tripled and craft sales tripled. Kids and games [categories] are up 500 per cent … puzzles are selling out and people are sitting around doing these things together. As crazy as this may seem it [pandemic life] is uniting the family.”

Pip Lincolne is running a "craftalong" offering easy projects for people to make while squirreled away due to COVID-19.

Pip Lincolne is running a “craftalong” offering easy projects for people to make while squirreled away due to COVID-19.CREDIT:SIMON SCHLUTER

Maria Ludden, marketing manager at Eckersley’s art supplies, has also noted a spike in sales which she feels is in part because art and craft “helps us to express our emotions and connect with one another no matter how much social distance is between us and helps lower stress and anxiety levels”.

In Balwyn, Melbourne craft guru Pip Lincolne – author of four craft books and lately one on coping strategies, When Life is Not Peachy – lost her full-time job writing for a parenting website this week and is finding consolation in knitting and running “craftalongs” through her blog and 22,000-strong Instagram community…”

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