How we help make learning fun

by | Mar 24, 2020

How we help make learning fun


We understand, home schooling can get really hard at times. For such challenges “Wolfpack Games” offers a complimentary piece of the puzzle. We offer a fun way to help make the learning environment more enjoyable. With a solid foundation of evidence that interactive learning through game play is far more engaging than pure book learning.

Our evidence has come from having run school workshops and holiday programs. Our games and puzzles have been used in improving education and understanding around 3 core areas of focus: Spatial Awareness, Lateral Thinking and Strategic Planning.

For parents having to home school, the key benefit is that there are a range of options which meet both a broad price point and also offer anywhere from a single (difficult) challenge, to several which have 50-100 challenges so parents can set a new challenge every day.

Visit our website to see the wide range of products here: SHOP

Click on the following link to see how we aid spatial learning: Spatial Benefits


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